ASPAWAAG E weighing machine for asparagus

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ASPAWAAG E Exact weighing saves weight, reduces your costs, and protects against complaints.

High-precision weighing with minimal tolerance

ASPAWAAG introduces a new era in weighing asparagus. It combines the turbocharger, a cutting unit and exact weight registering to make the world's most intelligent weighing unit.

Product video: The ASPAWAAG E in action

  • The triple weighing of the filled weighing trays and the intelligent communication with the belt scales at the end of the measurement chain achieve close tolerance for the asparagus bunch.
  • The construction's rigid and solid design protects against external influences such as vibration etc.
  • The machine's performance is considerably increased by the possibility of multiple occupancy of a weighing tray and the 8 exits.
  • Thanks to our tried-and-tested toothed belt technology, the machine operates completely without oil, grease and water.
Technical data
Speed with 500g bunches up to 70 pieces / min (with an average asparagus weight of 50 g)
Weight bunch max. 1 kg / tray
Tollerance weight +/– 2 g
Number of removal trays 8
Return belt for overrun 10.1 m
Width 1.9 m
Length 12.1 m
Height 2.0 m
Weight 3.200 kg
The measurement principle

Our tried-and-tested turbocharger technology feeds the asparagus to the weighing line. A cutting unit is positioned upstream of this and can be used as an option if the asparagus is to be given a fresh cut edge.

The filled trays are conducted over a throughput weighing unit. The weight of each tray is registered three times, which gives a secure average value. The filled trays are then placed on 8 belt scales.

The calculator now knows both weights and fills the belt scales with the remaining quantity until the target weight with the pre-set tolerances is reached. The asparagus is then transported to the removal tray and can be put manually into a flow pack or bundling unit. If the target weight is either not reached or exceeded, the asparagus is automatically transported to the return belt and to the renewed weighing process.

ASPAWAAG E - detail views